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A customised sensory approach that enables the most subtle nuances of a personality to be expressed

in mainland France

  • Végétal Candle and Artisanal Parfum 125g

    Our Perfume Candle is crafted by a Master Candle Maker with the greatest care. It diffuses a soft and delicate scent that will enhance your interior. 

    Our Crafted Candles are made with soy vegetable wax and cotton wick

  • Artisanal Perfume Diffuser Box 100 ml

    Our Diffuser Set is an olfactory decoration, a pleasure to admire and smell. When placed in the bottle, the rattan stems absorb the fragrance and become soaked with the scent. 

  • Artisanal linen softness 100ml

    Our linen fragrance line introduces you to a new way of life: well-being and relaxation. The Douceur de Linge line can be sprayed in your wardrobes or on your sheets or linen and does not leave any stains on fabrics. It is also purifying and antibacterial..